Thursday, 28 January 2016

Morning Sickness Tips

Morning sickness sucks. Like, really sucks. Especially when it becomes all day sickness. Whoever led us to believe it exclusively lasted throughout the morning is a dimwit. Morning sickness, my ar....ahem!

Anywoman who has been through it will remember those days and weeks of staring at the bottom of a toilet bowl, sobbing. "When will this end?". The simplest of smells, like boiling potatoes or mayonnaise, can leave you heaving. It's exhausting and frustrating, but here are a few pointers to get you through:

  • Keep a packet of biscuits by your bed. Ginger biscuits are best - ginger is a natural stomach soother. No, this isn't for late night snacking. Well, it could be. But by having a biscuit handy in the morning and eating one or two before you even get out of bed (which you should consider doing very gradually) you can reduce the chances of running to the bathroom first thing. 

  • Distract yourself. Thinking about nausea often makes it worse. Try to avoid using flickering computer screens for distraction, that can often worsen nausea too. Take up knitting, do the washing up, call a friend... (But make sure it's a friend who won't be completely grossed out when you have to run to vom mid-sentence.)

  • Drink plenty. Just small sips, but however much you don't feel like daring to put anything in your stomach that might be making a sharp reappearance, staying hydrated is crucial. Dehydration will only make things worse. Try for your recommended 8 glasses a day. If you're a fan of herbal teas, try something with peppermint or ginger in to soothe your sickness. 

  • Eat little and often. The blander the better, most find. Just whatever you can, when you can. High carb, low fat seems to work. Crackers, toast, that kind of thing.

  • Get some rest. If that means calling in to work sick, or asking a relative to mind your toddler for a couple of hours, do it. Just do it. Feeling sick and tired is something nobody deserves. Don't feel guilty for having to call for help, either.

  • Hang on in there, mummy! Growing a new baby is no easy thing for your body to do, it will be gruelling and gruesome, but it isn't impossible and you can do it! And just to think... there's going to be a brand new bundle to cherish at the end of it, and admiring the bottom of your loo will be a distant memory. 

baby in a Skibz

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