Thursday, 7 January 2016

9 Reasons Your Baby NEEDS These!

Until a few years ago, baby bibs were boring. Scrappy bits of flannel that tied around a baby's neck. That's why and how Skibz came about; the bandana scarf style bib that looks funky but remains functional.

Here are 9 reasons that they have become a must-have accessory!

blue spot bib

1 They're the perfect accessory for dribbling babies. (And we all know how much babies dribble when they're teething!)

cow print bib

2 Bandana bibs keep babies comfortable and content by drawing moisture away from their chins, necks and chests, keeping them free of soreness and chafing that dribble often creates. 

stars bib

3 Rather than the boring, traditional bibs, bandana bibs make your baby look stylish! Sometimes toddlers still dribble, but whose toddler wants to wear a baby bib all day? There comes a point where they've got to maintain their street cred, mum. The bandana bib looks more like a fashion accessory than a baby bib, so they can still look cool when they drool!

pink spot and green floral bib

4 They preserve your baby's favourite clothes, keeping them dry for longer periods of time and preventing the need for multiple outfit changes.

leopard bib

5 That in itself means less washing for mum to do...Winning! 

blue gingham and navy stripe bib

6 There's a design to compliment any outfit! From gentle denim to bold, bright stars, you can keep your baby bang on trend!

blue and red stars Skibz

7 Did I mention that they're great?

Cars and blue spot Skibz

8 Celebrities have been seen using these bibs for their babies. That counts for something, right?

Rhino Skibz

9 Skibz were the first to market the scarf-bib. It has since been imitated by many different companies, from Mothercare to Joules. Why? Well, because it's such a fantastic bib design! That's a reason in itself... 

Go forth and treat your baby to a bandana bib! Of course, we'd thoroughly recommend the Skibz range for their originality and award-winning status *cough* but there's a bandana bib out there for everyone!

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