Wednesday, 18 March 2015

I Packed My (Hospital) Bag, And In It I Put...

Hospital bag

Towards the end of your pregnancy, your midwife will probably encourage you to pack a hospital bag in preparation for when your time comes. It sounds like a pretty easy task, because you'll probably only be in for a night or two, but somehow the contents of this bag seem to be more organised and better planned out than all of the luggage for a family of five's fortnight away on a desert island.

Here are just a few ideas of what to include:

Maternity notes. Those all important notes that your midwife has been filling in throughout the months leading up to the date that will become your child's birthday.

Entertainment - Labour can progress very slowly, so it's advisable to have a book or a magazine or something else to pass the time. Although you won't necessarily have the capacity or concentration to read, it's advisable to take something that will distract you from counting ceiling tiles!

Cash - Just a bit of change, for pay phones and vending machines and such. 

Maternity pads - The sanitary towel's big, butch sister.

MASSIVE pants - You've seen the size of those maternity towels, right? Well, you're going to need a gusset the size of a two-man hammock to host those things. None of that g-string nonsense. It'd be like pitching a tent on a washing line. 

Breast pads - Whether or not you've chosen to breast feed, your body will start to produce sustenance for your baby shortly after birth. Okay, that's putting it politely. In blunt terms, your boobs are going to fill like water balloons, and there will come a point where they're so full that they burst. Not in a literal sense, but they'll leak. A lot. You'll need some absorbent pads, you really will.

Camera - You're going to want plenty of snaps of those not-so-memorable first moments, to prompt your memory as to what just happened. You think those very first few minutes where your newborn is so newly born will stay with you forever, but, well, it depends on how much pain relief you ended up begging for, despite having proclaimed prior to labour that you were going to go 100% natural... if you're using you phone to take your pics, then don't forget your charger!

Nightwear - In case you stay in overnight. Two or three pairs of pyjamas perhaps, just in case there are any "leakages" and you want to change. Opt for something light, because wards can get quite warm, but perhaps take a dressing gown too in case it gets milder. Oh, and slippers too! Nurses don't like you pacing the ward in bare feet, apparently.

Make-up and toiletries - Make-up might not be on your mind, but if you're image-concious it might be nice to have a tube of mascara handy to lick your lashes and make you feel more human. You're probably going to be subjected by excitable visitors to a thousand camera flashes, so get ready to strike a pose! It's nice to pack some brand new toiletries, and a toothbrush too. There's little more satisfying than popping the stiff cap and inhaling the enriching strong scent of a new shower gel. A mini-pamper in your first the post-birth shower will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle motherhood.

Carrier bag - This will be handy for any dirty laundry. There's likely to be a small amount. Yes, small amount, very small amount. Because labour is very tidy and clean. *ahem* 

Comfy clothes - You're going to probably want something slouchy to leave the hospital in. You're realistically unlikely to fit straight back into your old faithful jeans, so opt for a pair of jogging bottoms and a loose tee. Something high-waisted might be preferable, if you've had to have a c-section. Something that wouldn't rub on your stitches. A couple of stretchy sports bras or nursing bras are a good idea too!

Oh yeah, and not forgetting:

Things for your baby - You'll only want the basics to begin with: couple of handfuls of nappies, a few vests and sleepsuits, a soft and absorbent bib to catch those milky dribbles from those first feeds and prevent the soreness that the milky moisture would otherwise create (our soft, organic bandana Skibz dribble bibs are ideal for this) and one or two of your favourite outfits for first photos. You'll also want a blanket or two for the journey home, and into your new life as a parent...

White baby vests, white newborn sleepsuits and organic Skibz bibs

Wishing you and your new addition all the best, from all at Skibz HQ x

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