Monday, 27 June 2016

Toothpaste Mess?  No Problem!

Here's a handy tip....Why not pop a Skibz on your little one whilst cleaning teeth.  It ensures that all splashes and dribbles are absorbed, keeping clothes and pyjamas clean and dry.  Wearing a Skibz eliminates the need for a rapid change of attire before school or bed.

The Organic Skibz is particularly magical for this job and can even be used as a flannel to wipe away excess dribble.  Be sure to keep one in your bathroom.

With the usual Skibz superior quality combined with bamboo, our Organics are extremely soft, comfortable and easy to wash, even at 60 degrees! 
Skibz Organics are available in three colours, Baby Blue, Powder Pink and Vanilla.

Buy Organic Skibz

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Skibz Teething Tips to Help Soothe Baby's Sore Gums.

At Skibz HQ the business of dribbling and teething is taken very seriously indeed. 
Skibz was born out of necessity, ask any mother with a teething baby and they will tell you that it's no fun for baby's skin either!
Designed to be kind to skin and to protect babies during their teething months it's important to Skibz that your little one looks stylish too.
We asked some of you for your top tips and you didn't disappoint! Here is a quick guide to soothing sore gums and keeping your sanity during teething:

  • Invest in a dribble bib. OBVIOUSLY, we would say this but it really is worth repeating. Skibz are designed specifically to soak up lots of moisture and lock it away from baby's skin, so no chafing or soreness. They also work well with any outfit so that your baby looks great and we all know that teething waits for no man. Your little one SHALL go to the ball (suitably dressed)
  • Amber works well and there's lots of research out there to support that theory. Many parents believe that amber is a natural analgesic and swear by necklaces and anklets for their little ones. If you do decide to go for amber, make sure that your baby cannot harm themselves- go for reputable baby safe items only and supervise them at all times. 
  • Teething jewellery can work wonders for babies with sore gums. These are necklaces that you wear, that are safe for baby to pull on and chew without fear of them breaking. 
  • Baby paracetamol is often the first port of call for many parents, but there are also powders to rub on gums and gels that work effectively too. Give that a try and see what works best for you.
  • Teething toys are also popular.  Teetherz for instance are made from silicone, are soft enough for babies to chew to their heart's content, you can even attach these to a Skibz Doublez for 'on the go comfort'.  Pop them into the fridge before use for an extra comfort chill. Yep, it's worth investing in a couple of teething toys
  • There's teething mittens and brushes for little ones to chomp on.  Brushes have the added  benefit of not only brushing the teeth at the same time, but establishing a good oral hygiene routine right from the word go. Teething pain is caused by the collection of bacteria around the gum flaps, hence the need to keep area clean.
  • Frozen bananas are a great soother for older babies. Pop half a peeled banana in the freezer and let your little one chew away. Ice pops are also great and these can even be made from breast-milk.
So what are your top tips for teething? Do leave a comment and let us know!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Three signs your baby is ready for their first food.

Every baby is different of course, but there are three clear signs that show your baby is ready to be introduced to solid foods alongside breast milk or formula. It's rare for these three signs to appear together before your baby is six months old.
1. They can stay in a sitting position and hold their head steady.
2. They can co-ordinate their eyes, hands and mouth so they can look at the food, pick it up and put it in their mouth, all by themselves.
3. They can swallow food. Babies who are not ready will push their food back out with their tongue, so they get more round their face than they do in their mouths.
Some signs that can be mistaken for a baby being ready for solid foods:
  • chewing fists
  • waking in the night when they have previously slept through
  • wanting extra milk feeds
This is normal behaviour & not necessarily a sign of hunger or being ready to start solid food. Starting solid foods won't make them any more likely to sleep through the night. Extra feeds are usually enough until they're ready for other food.