Wednesday, 20 May 2015

That Awkward Moment When...

That awkward moment when...

...your child asks one of those questions!

From the mouths of babes come the most innocently inappropriate questions at highly inopportune moments.

"Why is that man fat?" (That man who is well within earshot.)

"What's wrong with that lady?" (That lady who is four inches from your youngster's accusing, pointed finger.)

"Are you doing a poo?" (Asked in the loudest tone of curiosity from within the confinement of a cubicle in a crowded public loo.)

Oh, and then there's:

"Why?...Why?...But why?...But why, mummy?" and try as we might to justify their inquisitiveness with an answer each and every "Why?" there comes a time when we have to resort to a good old-fashioned, "Because I said so, that's why!"

But of course, there's that one dreaded question.

We all have it coming.

We all know that it's around the corner.

We mentally prepare our answers, and we psych ourselves up, and we think that we're ready to answer it whenever the time comes. We plan out how we'll explain it in the plainest, least-horrifying terms. A cabbage patch, a magical cuddle, a stork, whatever, but when the time actually comes our mouths fall open and all of the words that we so carefully coordinated in our minds once upon a time just... just... just... errrr... well... errrm... just... turn into a swift topic change. So! Shall we bake some cakes? What coloured icing shall we use today? Would you like sprinkles? Let's get our aprons on, shall we?

Babies come from where? meme

What's the most awkward question that your little one ever asked? Have they put you on the spot in public with their embarrassing curiosity? Comment below or Tweet us @SkibzBibs and tell us! We'd love to hear your stories! #questioncringe

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