Wednesday, 25 March 2015

How To Achieve A Bikini Body After Baby In Two Easy Steps!

After baby bikini body

With summertime just around the corner, the pressure is on to get that media-perfect, beach-perfect body; but only the minority of mothers escape pregnancy without a single stretch mark, scar or saggy bit. With tiger-striped tummies, more-than-just-a-muffin-tops (Cake shelves, perhaps, as fantastically described by comedian Sarah Millican), and south-swinging C-cups, it's not a shock that the majority of us are left feeling swimsuit shy over the summer season. 

You don't need to be magazine perfect to be loved by your child. Your child will never judge you for your stretch marks, never criticise you for your cellulite, and never think less of you for your wobbly bits. So, we need to start seeing ourselves the way our children see us. We're strong, we're irreplaceable, and we're beautiful.

So, with that in mind, getting a bikini body after baby really is simple: 

1. Have a post-baby body.
2. Put a bikini on it. Or a tankini. Or a one-piece, if that's your preference.

It's all too easy to become part of the culture that breeds insecurities about body image. Pass down body-confidence to your children, no matter what their shape. Don't let them fall into the trap of airbrushed-expectations and desiring all that is unrealistic.  Fill their childhood memories with the beauty of moments where mummy ditched her cover-ups on the beach and confidently strutted with them hand in hand along the sand, and took them to swim in the sea. 

We need to ditch our hang-ups about our hang-downs and love ourselves for what we are. Our striped bellies, our wobbly thighs, our sagging fun-bags, and even the bags under our eyes. 

Embrace your mummy body, whatever shape it may be! #afterbabybikinibody

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