Monday, 28 September 2015

You're Having A Giraffe! 10 Of The BEST!

Funky giraffe bibs and other funky giraffe accessories

Skibz have gone on safari with their new limited edition giraffe print bib, and discovered a whole family of giraffey baby products. Here are 10 of our absolute favourites!

Skibz Funky Giraffe Bib Animal print

The Skibz bandana bib is now available in a funky (and reversible) giraffe design. £10 from

Funky giraffe print Cuddledry baby towel

Cuddledry's cute baby bath towel comes in this luscious giraffe print. £34.99 from

Sophie La Girafe

 The ever-popular Sophie la Girafe is the perfect toy for teething babies. £15.99 from

Skip Hop Zootensils funky giraffe baby cutlery

Skip Hop have a range of cute toddler cutlery, including this sweet little giraffe set. RRP £7 from

Mothercare baby giraffe window sun shade

These jazzy giraffe retractable sun blinds for your car windows are £9.99 from

Baby giraffe trampoline

What better way for a toddler to burn excess energy than bouncing on this adorable indoor giraffe trampoline? £40 from 

Purflo Sleepsac baby giraffe sleeping bag

Sleeping bags for babies are a great idea, and this gorgeous giraffe Purflo SleepSac is available from

Funky giraffe toddler reins backpack

Give your toddler independence and let them strut their stuff with their very own backpack. With the cleverly attached reins, you can stay in control whilst letting them do their thing! £19.99 from 

Unisex and funky giraffe colourful pyjamas and toddler slippers

How super cute is this 2-pack of giraffe pyjamas from Prices start at £14, with co-ordinating slippers available for £9.

Cool giraffe sleep suit pram suit for babies

This snuggly little giraffe pramsuit is utterly adorable, and available for £12 from

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