Tuesday, 17 February 2015

New Arrival!

New arrival

We've welcomed a new arrival to the Skibz family this week...

Brand New Catcherz Bibs By Skibz. Rockstar Red, Bubble Blue, Popping Pink

Catcherz are the latest in the Skibz bibs range. Catcherz are our fun interpretation of the dull pelican bib, sprinkled with a little 'quirkiness'.

They are bold and bright, a true statement piece, but not only are they eye-catching, they've been cleverly designed with a comfortable, adjustable side-fastening (rather than a back one) to ensure that they're not hair-catching

Skibz know that weaning babies is messy business! 

They're made from soft, rubberised BPA-free plastic, making Catcherz firm yet flexible, and providing excellent protection against food stains on clothing. The deep, easy-clean pocket will catch those inevitable spills, too!

Catcherz are a well-designed, high-quality, patterned bib, made to last throughout the weaning years.

Brand New Cactherz 'Pelican' Bibs by Skibz

Available from www.skibz.co.uk in three great colours, Popping Pink, Bubble Blue and Rockstar Red. Suitable from 3 months - 3 years. FREE P&P

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