Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Weaning: A Messy Business!


Weaning is one of the most fun times of your baby's development; watching them cringe at different tastes, and end up with broccoli in their eyebrows, and fall for that 'here comes the aeroplane' trick. But as well as being fun, it can be an immensely frustrating, messy business!

Here are some ideas to get you through the stage of introducing solids, as cleanly as possible!

1. Splash mats: Food is going to end up on the floor. It's inevitable. Whether it's because your baby has had enough, or wants to play, or simply doesn't like their dinner, at some stage, that food is going to be chucked. This is why splash mats are a brilliant idea, to keep that mess to a minimum. There are a variety of mats available to suit a variety of budgets. Whether you chose to use an old sheet, or splash out on a superior splash mat, like the 'multi-use catch ALL' by Prince Lionheart, you can't go wrong covering your floors!

2. Stay-put bowls: With food-throwing in mind, it's a good idea to get baby bowls and plates that stay put! There are plenty of cleverly designed bowls out there that will attach themselves to your baby's high chair tray, like Munchkin's spill-proof bowl range that have strong suction to prevent your messy little monster from launching their meal across the room. 

3. Easy-to-clean high chair: Some of the fancy looking high chairs have fabrics and creases in cushion pads that are very difficult to keep clean. What mum has the time to scrub in the cracks after every meal? Ikea's range of high chairs are really easy to wipe down, making life that little bit simpler.

4. A decent bib: There are so many bibs on the market, that sometimes it's hard to decide which is the right one. It's definitely a worthwhile investment to have a quality bib that will keep your baby's clothes stain-free, and catch food spills before they land in laps. Who wants to have to perform an outfit change every mealtime? Our brand new Skibz Catcherz come in three fun designs, in a comfortably soft rubberised plastic, with a deep easy-clean pocket and an innovative side-fastening, different to the hair-pulling hind-fastening that many other pelican bibs feature. Catcherz are designed to be eye-catching, food-catching, but not hair-catching. Hands up who wants a comfortable, fashionable bib for their baby that catches spills and protects clothes from staining!

Baby Scout Wearing a Bubble Blue Catcherz Bib
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Weaning will be messy, it will get smelly (because, well, when it's not just second-hand milk in their nappy anymore...) and it will get frustrating from time to time; particularly when you've planned out and thought out a meal that you're sure that your baby will love, and they simply turn their nose up. Hang on in there, though, and just remember: Here comes the choo-choo train! 

Baby E Wearing a Popping Pink Skibz Catcherz Bib
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