Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Why Mums Need Big Bags.

Pre-children, I would empty my little handbag and find a couple of crumpled receipts, a lip gloss or two, a lighter, a purse, and a phone.

The findings during the clearing out of my mahoosive mum bag never cease to astonish me.

A phone,
a purse,
hand sanitizer,
numerous flyers for various children's activities,
some crumbs from a variety of food stuffs,
every Dulux colour chart in existence,
a snotty tissue,
IKEA pencils,
and IKEA tape measures,
a broken crayon from Pizza Hut,
several tiny servings of sugar and sweetners pinched by the child in that cafe, 
a bus timetable, 
receipts dating back to 2012,
a pebble that was apparently too magical to throw away,
a pair of child's pants,
loom bands, 
oh so many loom bands, 
so many loom bands that I could weave a new loom band bag to carry all of this useless mum paraphernalia,
odd socks,
The Gruffalo,
most of the sand from the seaside,
and a half-eaten gingerbread man.

And that's why mums need big bags!

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