Thursday, 9 April 2015

5 Day #OfficePhotoChallenge

Last week the ladies in the Skibz HQ office decided that, just for a bit of extra fun in among the "fun" day-to-day office tasks, they'd do a 5 day #officephotochallenge - and to spread the fun further, they decided to nominate fellow office employees!

Monday: #teamwork
Team, work-it! #day1 #officephotochallenge #teamwork

For #teamwork, the team "worked it" in some of their favourite Skibz bib designs!

Tuesday: #sackableoffence
Office tomfoolery! #day2 #officephotochallenge #sackableoffence

Liz and Jem got up to some mischief for #sackableoffence, eating biscuits in Skibz Catcherz bibs and taking selfies right in from of unknowing boss, Helen! And then, after all of that excitement, Liz had a little nap at her desk with the April edition of Gurgle magazine. 

(Sorry if you find crumbs in your Catcherz, customers.... but at least we know that they work!)

Wednesday: #pranktheboss
April Fool’s toilet prank! #day3 #officephotochallenge #pranktheboss

#pranktheboss tied in perfectly with April Fool's Day! Jem set about pranking Helen, by sticking Helen's face to the inside of the toilet lid, and then taping up the loo seat with Skibz packing tape. Jem then proceeded to wiggle around at her desk claiming that she was bursting for a wee, but couldn't go. Helen asked why. Jem hesitated. Liz chimed in and saved Jem's skin by telling Helen that the toilet had a leak. Helen was shocked, and went to investigate. LOL

Thursday: #mugshot
Mug shots… literally! #day4 #officephotochallenge #mugshot

#mugshot became literal shots of the office mugs on a tea break! Oh, and the cups that they drink from.

Friday: #officeolympics
Bella and Betsy racing! #day5 #officephotochallenge #officeolympics

The ladies had great fun during their #officeolympics, racing on Bella and Besty Kidzzfarm hoppers. Bella the farm dog joined in too! Can you spot her in the picture? Jem fell off... twice. Once forwards, face-planting the mud, and the second time backwards, and caught on camera! Who won? I don't know. I was too busy laughing to notice!

Overall, much fun was had! 

Why don't you take part in the 5 day #OfficePhotoChallenge? 

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